Hardwood floor coatings & sanding in the Northern Rivers

At Norwood Floor Sanding, we will sand, stain and finish your new or old flooring to enhance the natural timber aesthetic. You’ll be amazed at how oil or wax-finished timber flooring can add warmth and style to your space. We also sand and polish timber benchtops, developing the natural feel of the kitchen.

We’re the trusted floor sanders that builders contact for all sanding and staining in the Northern Rivers. Our team also utilise non-toxic finishes for coating work, so you can enjoy your timber floors sooner, without having to wait for harmful fumes to clear.

Not sure what stain would look best on your flooring or benchtop? Take a look at our gallery or give our flooring experts a call today.

Residential & Commercial Sanding

If you want a flawless result for your timber flooring, contact the skilled tradesmen at Norwood Floor Sanding. While doing it yourself may seem like an attractive idea, our team can save you hours of hard labour give you a professional result at an affordable price.

With state-of-the-art large drum sanding and edging machinery, we can smooth out new timber boards and strip existing floorboards back to the natural timber. Our machines use different grades of sandpaper to ensure an even surface before coating. During this process, we will also fill in any nail holes with wood filler.

From new home builds to commercial renovations, our team will ensure your timber surfaces are prepared and ready for staining.

Man Using Equipment on the Floor — Hardwood Floor in Ocean Shores, NSW

Non-Toxic Coating & Staining

At Norwood Floor Sanding, we have access to a stunning range of waxes, oils and finishes to give your timber the perfect shine. Our team have experience working on new residential and commercial builds, as well as renovation projects.


Solvent-based finishes were once the go-to for timber floor coating due to their wear resistance and lack of alternatives available at the time. The problem with these products is that they release chemicals, which can be harmful if inhaled.


However, with the advances of technology, more alternatives are on the market. This is why we prefer to us non-toxic water-based finishes, natural oils and waxes when treating timber. Top-quality brands we use include:

When it comes to flooring and benchtop finishes, we are the staining experts. Once we are satisfied with the prepared surface, our team will begin applying your chosen stain to the timber.

If you see a wood floor finish that you like, call us for a quote.

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